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co-KREA is for you!

“Without sharing, there is no education” -David Wiley

The Open Educational Resources are those materials created or used with an educational purpose, whose license allows to any person the access, use, distribution, publication and modification of these resources, without technical, economic or legal restrictions.

If the education principle is sharing and generating knowledge, the OER become important tools, even when they are made from collaborative work models.

Our knowledge has a huge potential and it can be magnified if we share it through the ICT. Co-Krea is an invitation to share in order to create knowledge!

What is co-KREA?

co-KREA is a collaborative co-creation experience of OER that assesses the potential of these resources in the transformation of teaching practices in context, facing the challenges of the XXI century educational context.

Who are participating?

Co-KREA is aimed at teacher’s trainers and teachers with literacy in ICT in the elementary and middle education levels who come from the Colombian southwest.

By being an open education project, any interested person can access to contents and resources published in Internet and participate in discussions through the blog and the social networks of the project as well.

How does it work?

co-KREA works through a regular online seminar with virtual support and face meetings.

The activities are aimed at co-KREAters teachers teams for the production of Open Educational Resources (OER).

Involved Institutions

The co-KREA project: “Collaborative co-creation of OER among teachers instructors and teachers in the Colombian southwest: a study case from Participative Research-Action” is lead by the Fundación Karisma.

It is part of the international research program “Research into Open Educational Resources for Development Post-Secondary Education in the Global South” (ROER4D). This program is funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and coordinated by the University of Cape Town (South Africa).

Co-KREA develops in alliance with IT for Change, a NGO from India, and the Educational Research Network –ieRed- in Colombia.