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viagra price in philippines 2. In defining the author’s exclusive rights, the Bill repeats the language of the FTA extending copyright to “[a]ny form of reproduction of the work, permanent or temporary, by any means of procedure including temporary electronic storage without considering that this might subject to the control of copyright owners a variety of technologically-driven forms of transitory reproduction, such as buffering, that U.S. law authorizes.

sildenafil citrate gel 5 mg 3. The protection is extended from 50 years to 70 years in the case of corporations without considering that currently even in the US there is a claim to revise this terms, as Maria Pallante rescently suggested.

viagra online cheap uk 4. The bill introduces in Colombia a confusing language of the three-steps test that can be more restrictive. This provision is similar to the one the US has proposed to be included in the TPP, this is a confining formulation that will constrain future Colombian legal developments on exceptions and limitations in a manner not defined by Berne, nor the TRIPS.

les 11 commandements viagra 5. Like in the former article 13 of Law 1520 this bill prevents the “broadcasting through the Internet by land, cable or satellite of television signals” without permission from the owner of the copyright for the signal or its contents “regardless of” any limitations and exceptions to the exclusive rights in Colombia’s legislation. The inmunity from the general limitations and exceptions of the copyright law is not just unbalanced vis a vis the commercial partner (US) but is also unconstitutional on the grounds of freedom of speech.

Aclaration Note. We must acknowledge that the new text of this article withdraws a sentence where the Colombian State was giving up it’s capacity to create exceptions for these cases, This helps to clarify that there is no inmunity, but the language should be more precise into asserting that exceptions and limitations apply also in cases like these.

new viagra commercial 2014 6. Articles regarding DRM protection and criminal law changes remain here without a change, so all the concerns expressed in the Open Letter to the Colombian Legislature Regarding Bill 201 (later to be Law 1520) remain. http://infojustice.org/archives/9414

We are working on a new version of comments to feed the public discussion but we certainly believe that international support for the claim to openly discuss and debate all Copyright reforms that will impact the new Information and Communicition Technology environment. Please follow up Karisma www.karisma.org.co and RedPaTodos www.redpatodos.co actions to protect the public participation that will help us impact this law.

Another analysis about this subject, written by Andrés Izquierdo, published in infojustice is available here.

<<<The english version of the Bill 306 is available here>>>

*<image by OpenSourceWay. CC (BY-SA)>

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