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The OER Unesco report is available now in English

The report commissioned by the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science in Latin America and the Caribbean, “Public Spending in Latin America: Does It Fulfill the Declaration of Paris’ Suggestions for Open Educational Resources?” is now available in English.

The report, published under the open license of Creative Commons, seeks to identify and analyze the public policies of investment and public spending that five Latin American countries (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, y Uruguay) have enacted in the development and acquisition of textbooks, books, and digital content for elementary through high school education (K-12).

This document aims to offer concrete contributions for a public debate regarding intelligible inclusion and completion of the Open Educational Resources guidelines for the educational systems in Latin America.

The document was originally written in Spanish by Amalia Hernández Toledo in collaboration with Carolina Botero and Luisa Guzmán, researchers with Fundación Karisma.

To download it in both languages, please click one of the following links: English and Spanish


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